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Halsey Minor

Halsey Minor is the chief executive officer, chairman and founder of Grand Central Communications, the leading provider of Integration On Demand solutions.

A veteran entrepreneur, Halsey Minor founded CNET Networks (NASDAQ:CNET) in 1992 and as Chairman and CEO built CNET into one of the world's leading new media companies, recognized around the globe as the trusted source of information related to computers and technology. In 1998, CNET Networks became one of a handful of profitable Internet companies and, in May 1999, was named to the NASDAQ 100. In February 2000, Minor delegated his daily responsibilities as CEO, and in November 2000 he became CNET's Chairman Emeritus.

Minor's history of entrepreneurial ventures, savvy technology innovations and successful investments traces back to 1995, when he conceived of and developed a software technology called PRISM, which he sold to Vignette Corporation in 1996 in exchange for a 35 percent equity interest in the company. PRISM served as the foundation for Vignette's StoryServer, the industry's leading Web content application system. At the same time, he built and launched BuyDirect.com, which in 1998 was sold to online software retailer Beyond.com for $130 million. In 1997, he introduced Snap.com, redefining the search engine space with a new business model. Under Minor's leadership through March 1999, Snap quickly joined CNET as one of the top 15 most visited web sites, according to Media Metrix. Minor was a founding investor in Listen.com, which was recently acquired by Real Media (NASDAQ:TFSM), and Salesforce.com.

  Halsey Minor

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